President's Sustainability Steering Committee

In 2007, President William Powers appointed the first UT Austin Sustainability Steering Committee comprised of faculty, administrators, staff and student representatives as a forum for an ongoing discussion about sustainability priorities at The University of Texas at Austin.

The President’s Sustainability Steering Committee (PSSC) recommends policies and practices to the university administration that reflect and expand the university’s commitment to sustainability and stewardship of the environment; monitor implementation of the campus Sustainability Master Plan; ensure the campus policy is in alignment with UT System policy; guide a communications plan for both internal and external audiences.

Major activities include:

  • 2008: Developed the first UT Austin Campus Sustainability Policy, then adopted by President Powers.
  • 2009: Set a standard of LEED Silver for new capital projects.
  • 2010: Created the Office of Sustainability.
  • 2011: Adopted the Natural Resources Conservation Plan, which has led to new departments such as Energy and Water Conservation and the Resource Recovery unit
  • 2012: Served as a major stakeholder group advocating for integrating sustainability into the a new Campus Master Plan.
  • 2014: Served as major stakeholder group advocating for sustainability into subsequent planning efforts such as the Campus Landscape Master Plan, East Campus Plan and Medical District Plan.
  • 2016: Adopted the first ever UT Austin Sustainability Master Plan under President Gregory Fenves.

The PSSC was recharged by President Fenves and is currently assessing next steps.