Zero Waste

Sustainability Squad sorts game-day waste

Sustainability Sort Squad, the key to zero waste game days. Photo by Kathryn Gatliff

Recycling is often one of the first environmental behaviors people are aware of. Still, a significant portion of the trash sent to the landfill from campus could be recycled or composted.

UT Austin has a goal to demonstrate leadership in both the reduction and diversion of waste with anticipated outcomes including achieving Zero Waste and reducing per capita waste generation. Zero Waste is the 90% reduction of waste being sent to the landfill through both upstream (pre-consumer) and downstream (post-consumer) efforts.  Achieving this goal is a collaborative effort, including Resource Recovery leading Zero Waste Workplace, as well as Texas AthleticsHousing and Dining, and Surplus Property.

We encourage all students, staff and faculty to get involved: reduce your consumption, recycle right, and look for composting options. More information and resources for reducing your impact can be found on the Zero Waste Program website.