Zero Waste

CEC West Campus Cleanup 2024

CEC students participated in a West Campus Cleanup in 2024. The goal with zero waste is to make it so there is no waste to clean!

Zero Waste at UT Austin

Zero Waste is defined as the reduction of solid waste to nothing, or as close to nothing as possible. On campus, this means rethinking our events, dorm life, classrooms, and dining halls to not send any trash to the landfill. 

UT Austin has a goal to reduce 90% of waste being sent to the landfill. This goal requires collaboration from all parts of campus, and is led by Resource Recovery. Partners include Texas AthleticsHousing and Dining, Surplus Property, and the Office of Sustainability. 

Current Diversion Rate: The 2022-2023 Fiscal Year diversion rate for campus is 31%.

Explore this page to learn more about what is being done and what you can do to get our campus to zero waste!

Know Where to Throw Tool

Twenty-one percent of material recycled at UT is contaminated and must take a longer, more costly route to the landfill. Use the tool below to know how to properly dispose of items!