Sustainability Master Plan

Master Plan Cover

Master Plan Cover

The first-ever Sustainability Master Plan was unveiled at the 7th Annual Sustainability Symposium at The University of Texas at Austin in fall 2016. 

During his keynote remarks at the symposium, President Gregory Fenves endorsed the plan and the valuable role that sustainability plays now and for the future of the university.  The plan offers strategies and goals through 2030.

The Sustainability Master Plan is the result of over 15 months of work where collaboration was sought from UT Austin faculty, staff and students. A campus-wide survey was conducted to understand current views on campus sustainability.  And, a working group was organized early in the process.  It held 11 meetings and a retreat to map out the plan.  Seven public meetings were also conducted to get a further input.  Upon its completion the President’s Sustainability Steering Committee reviewed the plan and unanimously approved it.

Unlike most master plans, which are focused on buildings and land, this plan puts people first. It is divided into six priority areas:

  • Leadership
  • Experience and Culture
  • Opportunity and Affordability
  • Teaching and Research
  • Conservation
  • Partnerships