Degrees & Certificates

Sustainability on campus

Undergraduates learning about sustainability on campus. Photo by Kathryn Gatliff

As stated in the Campus Sustainability Policy, UT Austin strives to produce scholars who are literate in sustainability, research that illuminates and advances sustainability, and graduates who will carry the mission of sustainability into the state, the nation, and the world. In line with these goals, the university’s academic community is fully engaged in creating meaningful interdisciplinary and sustainability-focused teaching, learning, and research opportunities across campus.

Undergraduate Programs

The Sustainability and Environment Degrees website is a dashboard that showcases existing sustainability and environment degree programs and certificate opportunities at UT Austin. Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, Sustainability Studies, and the Bridging Disciplines Program are each featured. The site unites and displays the distinct programs, and the career pathways for each program. It also serves as a portal to the Office of Sustainability’s directory of student groups and other sustainability co-curricular offerings on campus.

Graduate Programs

UT Austin offers a range of sustainability-related graduate programs including: