2022-23 Green Fund Awards

2022-23 Green Fund Awards

Alternative Fuels for Fleet and Visitor Vehicles Awarded to the MacDonald Observatory to install four Level 2 electric car charging stations to further plans for an all-electric facilities fleet. Additional funding was provided to install a visitor center charging station, improving community access to alternative fuels. $23,505
Restoration of the Orange Bike Project Awarded to the student organization, Orange Bike Project, a sponsored student organization of Parking and Transportation Services, to revitalize the bike-renting and repair program following the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. $64,810
LLILAS Benson Zero-Waste Project Awarded to LLILAS Benson Latin American Studies and Collections in the College of Liberal Arts for the installation of two water bottle filling stations supporting bottle filling capability and reducing plastic waste. $12,000
Waller Creek Watershed Storm Drain Labeling & Tour Awarded to the Moody College of Communication, Department of Advertising & Public Relations in support of a collaborative effort with the Environmental Health and Safety Department to design, produce, and promote the installation of storm drain markers on campus. The project team will also create a virtual Waller Creek Tour. $32,500
Zero Waste Emissions Modeling Intern Awarded to Facilities Services' Resource Recovery Zero Waste program to create a graduate-level research position focused on determining the best method for calculating greenhouse gas emissions related to waste management practices. $4,500
PMCS Small Project Sustainability Standards Awarded to Project Management and Construction Services to establish sustainability standards for small, on-campus construction projects and promote sustainable material use, energy and water conservation, and waste diversion. $73,000
Women’s Relief Initiative Biodegradable Pad and Assembly Line Project

Awarded to the student organization, Women's Relief Initiative, to develop a machine that manufactures a 100% biodegradable, disposable, and affordable pad composed of locally sourced materials for women who lack adequate facilities to manage their periods.

Hogg Memorial Auditorium (HMA) Renovation Project Awarded to University Unions for the purchasing of Renewable Energy Certificates for the Hogg Memorial Auditorium to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. $11,000
Evaluation of Air Quality in UT Classrooms and Laboratories via Novel Spatiotemporal Measurements of Volatile Organic Compounds Awarded to the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, for researching sources of volatile organic compounds within UT buildings with the goal of suggesting improvements to current standards for source control. $49,575
Microfarm Shade Structure Awarded to the Campus Environmental Center's Microfarm for the construction of a shade structure for the student-managed organic farm. $53,430
“Elizabeth is going into the Ground” Workshop Awarded to a graduate student in the Department of Theater and Dance, to mount a two-week-long workshop of the eco-centric play, Elizabeth is going into the ground, which seeks to engage a broad range of the student community. $19,283
Painter Greenhouse Repair

Awarded to the student organization, Engineers for a Sustainable World, to restore the Painter greenhouses which houses the group's educational aquaponics system.

UHD Compost Garden Awarded to University Housing and Dining in support of the UT Farm Stand’s Zero Waste program. The compost garden will provide UT students with the opportunity to learn about compost and waste diversion through the exploration of different composting methods. $4,539
UHD Colorado Community Garden Renovation Awarded to University Housing and Dining to improve the community garden at the University Colorado Apartment complex with the goal of educating residents about gardening, fostering community, and encouraging sustainable urban agriculture practices. $10,630
Living Wall Lab: Updates for a Changing Climate Awarded to School of Architecture for further research of the Living Wall Lab through replanting, installing thermal analysis data collection hardware, and improving community access to data collected. $19,900
Performing Counter-Narratives Awarded to a graduate student in the Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations, to develop a program providing guidance to undergraduate students researching and critiquing mainstream environmental messages. $28,573
Hyperloop Research Initiative

 Awarded to the student organization, Texas Guadaloop, to support the design and manufacturing of their 2022-23 hyperloop pod.

Compressed Earth Blocks as Passive Removal Materials for Indoor Air Quality Awarded to a graduate student in the department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, to conduct research on the potential of using compressed earth blocks as a building material to regulate indoor air quality. $5,000


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