2020-21 Green Fund Awards

 2020-21 Green Fund Awards

Rainewable Awarded to McCombs, Dept. of Management in collaboration with the student organization Texas Enactus to construct a demonstration rain water collection system as an example of how to use business principles to solve significant social problems. $30,719
Zero Waste Interns Awarded to Resource Recovery to support the Zero Waste Hero program to decrease contamination in the campus waste streams, broaden the number of informed zero waste advocates on campus, and support efforts across the university to achieve campus zero waste goals. $7,150
Sustainability Truck Awarded to the Office of Sustainability for the purchase of a hybrid truck for campus sustainability initiatives. $21,500
Texas Union Planter Awarded to the Texas Union for the construction of a vertical garden. $1,580
GivePulse Upgrade Awarded to the Center for Community Engagement to increase functionality of the GivePulse software to improve the user experience and to better track volunteer and community service hours of the UT Austin community. $13,333
Trout’s Best Soba Noodles! Student Film Awarded to a graduate student in Radio-Television-Film to produce a student film about the challenges of being environmentally conscious in a modern, capitalistic society. $13,909
Chemical Inventory Modernization Project

Awarded to the McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering for the purchase of equipment to modernize the chemical inventory process for research labs which will aid in identifying surplus chemicals with the goal of reducing hazardous waste disposal on campus. 

Water Bottle Fillers in ETC Awarded to the Department of Mechanical Engineering for the installation of water bottle filling stations and retrofit of existing water fountains to support water bottle filling capability $13,000
Paper Waste Reduction Effort Awarded to Document Solutions for the purchase of a paper shredder to assist with campus wide paper recycling efforts $17,695
The Texas Tropical Network: Information, Collaboration and Conservation  Awarded to a graduate student in Integrative Biology in support of a seminar and networking series for academics and laypeople on new successes and challenges in research, conservation, and sustainable development in the tropics $7,112
Little Longhorns Growing Green Awarded to the  University of Texas Elementary School for the purchase of recycling stations and signage. $2,940
Green Stewards

Awarded to the Office of Sustainability to create a student program to work with staff to identify sustainability strategies in their respective departments and units.

The Impact of Climate Change on the Energy Demand of the UT Campus Awarded to the Department of Civil, Architectural, Environmental Engineering to create an energy demand model of the UT campus and pinpoint possible retrofitting/reconstruction scenarios for existing buildings to decrease energy demand. $39,646
Stoma: Earthwork at the UT Microfarm Awarded to a graduate student in Landscape Architecture to construct an earthen sculpture at the UT Microfarm. $3,988
South Asia Garden Awarded to the University Housing and Dining for the design, construction, and programming of a garden to educate students about South Asian culture and its influence on sustainable food production.   $14,409
Seeing Green: The Role of Augmented and Virtual Reality Messages on Environmental Attitudes and Behaviors Awarded to the School of Advertising and Public Relations to develop a theory-grounded framework examining the conditions under which augmented reality and virtual reality work to promote environmental attitudes and behaviors. $30,500
Inventors for Campus Sustainability

Awarded to Texas Institute for Discovery Education in Science (TIDES) in the College of Natural Sciences to support a course designed to match student inventors with campus sustainability challenges.

Food Insecurity Relief for UT students Awarded to the UT Outpost in response to the COVID-19 crisis to support food purchases, food bank upgrades and student staff. $200,000
Green Labs Awarded to Environmental Health and Safety for the continuation of the Green Labs program $50,000


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