Student Organizations

UT MIcroFarm

"I highly recommend this to every UT student. Not only do you see where your tuition's Green Fee goes, you leave the Microfarm feeling accomplished, informed, and excited to return." - Carla Rangel

Campus Environmental Center

The Campus Environmental Center (CEC) is the oldest and largest organization on campus for students interested in the environment. The mission of the CEC is to empower the university community to reduce its environmental impact and foster a genuine culture of sustainability on campus through collaborative and constructive means. From the casual recycler to the woodland naturalist, all are welcome to join.

Engineers for a Sustainable World

Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) is an organization devoted to sustainable development. ESW aims to find ways to continue advancing technologically without adversely affecting the environment in which we live. Whether you're an engineering student with an idea for a project, a non-engineer looking for a different type of organization, a professor with interest in leading a research project, or a local professional interested in applying technology to international development, ESW urges you to get involved.

Food Studies Project

The Food Studies Project brings together a vibrant Food Community of students, faculty, staff and local food enthusiasts around their shared interest in interdisciplinary studies of food. The Food Studies Project is a catalyst for changing the way people eat, think about, and interact with their food. The group's goal is to drive this focus and momentum towards an official food studies program at UT Austin. By providing an environment that encourages interdisciplinary communication and creative collaboration, the Food Studies Project is equipping future leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to benefit our world’s food systems.

Longhorn Lights Out

Longhorn Lights Out is UT-Austin's campus-wide event where occupants reduce energy by turning off lights, unplugging unnecessary electronics and powering down computer equipment (check with your IT staff first) the last Friday of every month. It is an example of how simple actions can have a BIG impact. Join the Dark Side and make a difference!

Net Impact McCombs

The mission of Net Impact McCombs is to inspire, educate, and equip individuals to use the power of business to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable world. Net Impact members at UT-Austin are current and emerging leaders in a number of fields including sustainable business, green marketing, clean energy and technology, public sector consulting, corporate social responsibility, and education.

The Longhorn Center for Civic Engagement

The ‘third arm’ of sustainability – social sustainability – is arguably best reflected in the University's outstanding record of service on campus and in the community. Our 50,000 students perform over 6 million hours of service annually, including a substantial effort in environmental cleanups, disaster relief, and environmental improvements and restoration. The Volunteer and Service Learning Center serves as a catalyst for the advancement of civic responsibility, community action, and social change.