Degrees & Certificates

Sustainability on campus

Undergraduates learning about sustainability on campus. Photo by Kathryn Gatliff

As stated in the Campus Sustainability Policy, UT Austin strives to produce scholars who are literate in sustainability, research that illuminates and advances sustainability, and graduates who will carry the mission of sustainability into the state, the nation, and the world. In line with these goals, the university’s academic community is fully engaged in creating meaningful interdisciplinary and sustainability-focused teaching, learning, and research opportunities across campus.

Sustainability Studies B.A.

The Sustainability Studies B.A. in Liberal Arts is designed to provide a rigorous and focused study of sustainability methods and content and simultaneously allow a student to complete all degree requirements within four years. The program is housed within the Department of Geography and the Environment, but is comprised of classes from across the university.

Environmental Science B.S.

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science degree program (the “EVS Program”) is an interdisciplinary degree program in Environmental Science offered collaboratively by The University of Texas at Austin’s College of Natural SciencesJackson School of Geosciences, and College of Liberal Arts. The EVS Program is unique for its innovative, interdisciplinary nature and its extensive use of hands-on experience and professional preparation to create tomorrow’s environmental scientists.

Environment and Sustainability Bridging Disciplines Program

The Environment & Sustainability BDP gives students the opportunity to explore a variety of disciplinary approaches to environmental processes and contemporary environmental issues. By bringing together courses in natural sciences, social sciences, design disciplines, and the humanities, this program affords a complex understanding of how the diverse parts of Earth’s environment interact. A geology major might choose to deepen an appreciation of human-environment interactions with a selection of government, history, and geography courses in liberal arts, while a journalism major might use natural science courses to develop an understanding of the scientific method. Designed to complement a range of majors, the Environment & Sustainability BDP prepares students to address environmental issues in careers as researchers, writers, policy makers, sustainable business leaders, and educators.