Building Profiles

Completed Projects

Building Year Sq. Ft. Level Rating Version Case Study
ROC: Research Office Complex 2007 94,338 Certified BD&C v2.1  
BME: Biomedical Engineering Building 2009 137,301 Silver BD&C v2.1 PDF
EECC: AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center 2009 520,376 Gold BD&C v2.1 PDF
DPRI: Dell Pediatric Research Institute 2009 163,973 Gold BD&C v2.2 PDF
HSM: William Randolph Hearst Building (Communications) 2010 26,033 Gold CI v2.0  
NHB: Norman Hackerman Building (Natural Sciences: Chemistry) 2010 256,000 Gold BD&C v2.2 PDF
GEO: Geology Building Renovation 2012 20,900 Gold CI v3  
SAC: Student Activity Center 2012 131,500 Gold BD&C v2.2 PDF
BME2: Biomedical Engineering South Expansion 2013 177,000 Gold BD&C v2.2  
BMC: Belo Center for New Media (Communications) 2013 122,194 Gold BD&C v2.2  
ERC: Marine Science Institute, Port Aransas 2013 36,720 Gold BD&C v2.2  
GDC: Gates Dell Complex (Computer Science) 2013 232,503 Silver BD&C v3  
CLA: Liberal Arts Building 2014 204,000 Gold BD&C V3  
HLB: Health Learning Building (Dell Medical School) 2016 85,000 Gold BD&C  v3
HDB: Health Discovery Building (Dell Medical School) 2016 264468 Gold BD&C  v3  
HTB: Health Transformation Building (Dell Medical School) 2016 239473 Gold BD&C  v3  
EER: Engineering Education and Research Center 2017 435,000 Silver BD&C     
RRH: Rowling Hall 2019 458000 Silver BD&C   PDF
Energy Engineering Building     Silver BD&C in planning
Moody Center     Silver BD&C in planning

Completed Projects (Ground Lease)

Building Year Sq. Ft. Level Rating Version Case Study
2400 Nueces Street (residential housing) 2014 572700 Gold BD&C v3  

DSMCUT: Dell Seton Medical Center at the University of Texas at Austin

2017     500000  Gold HC v3