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In the News: Safety for and with Bats

Oct. 19, 2018

Found a bat in a building? The Animal Make Safe program within the UT Office of Campus Safety is available 24/7 to remove and rescue bats.

In the News: UT Seniors Fight Plastic Pollution

Oct. 8, 2018

Three UT seniors start Precious Plastic Texas to minimize plastic waste on campus.

Everything about Fox Squirrels

Sept. 28, 2018

Learn all about the fox squirrel (Sciurus niger), a species that has made quite a comfortable existence for itself on the UT Austin campus.

October is the Time for Sustainability

Sept. 27, 2018

This October, The University of Texas at Austin is joining hundreds of universities and colleges across the U.S. to celebrate sustainability on campus as Campus Sustainability Week.

SSB Thinks Zero Waste and You Can Too!

Sept. 25, 2018

The Student Services Building shows all how to make their zero waste events successful using materials created by UT Austin's Resource Recovery.

In the News: Achieving Sustainability Goals with Zero Waste Building Program

Sept. 20, 2018

UT Austin's zero waste effort is being spear-headed by Resource Recovery, working building by building.

Eye in the Sky Focuses on Plant Health, Water Conservation

Sept. 20, 2018

The University of Texas at Austin is innovating when it comes to conserving water: using drones to monitor landscapes to reduce unnecessary irrigation.

Designing a Landscape for McDonald Observatory

Sept. 12, 2018

Green Fund is sparking innovative landscape design around McDonald Observatory, thanks the collaboration and reasearch of Jason Sowell and Matt O'Toole.

UT Austin Receives STARS Silver Rating for Sustainability Achievements

Sept. 10, 2018

For the third time, UT Austin has garnered a STARS Silver rating for campus-wide efforts in sustainability from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE).

Climate Change Tourism in the Peruvian Andes

Sept. 7, 2018

Dr. Molly Poly writes about climate change and its impact on the Andes: "The realization that climate change is not only happening, but also having an impact on ecosystems and society, is more than most people want to face in a social situation."