Staff Organizations

Staff Member at Standing Desk

The Center for Transdisciplinary Collaborative Research in Self- Management Science has gained certified green office status, due, in part to its employee wellness initiatives, such as standing desks. Photo: Elise Cardenas

    Staff value sustainability in a fundamentally different manner than students or faculty. Staff consider the institution primarily as place where they practice their craft or profession and earn a living, but collegial partnerships and personal friendships flourish as well. Staff interact with each other frequently and intensely, so the institution supports diversity and inclusion training, and conflict resolution. A positive campus culture is built on efforts to create equitable access to benefits and services, opportunities for leadership and career growth, and is enhanced by sustainability programs to make the workplace healthier, more comfortable, and a contributor to a cleaner environment.

    Sustainability Committee, UT Staff Council

    UT Staff Council maintains a close strategic relationship with the Office of Sustainability, providing an outlet for staff to collaborate on and find a voice in sustainability-related initiatives at the university.