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Go Green: Green Offices and Labs

Green Offices Program

The Green Offices program is a points-based certification process that empowers members of UT faculty and staff to elicit change in their workspace. The student-led program, within the Office of Sustainability, seeks to advance the University’s sustainability goals and commitment to being stewards of the environment. We can achieve success by working together to make UT a more sustainable campus.

Green Labs Program

The Green Labs initiative was established in fall 2011 at The University of Texas at Austin. The purpose of Green Labs is to help labs use less hazardous materials in terms of toxicity and quantity; use water and energy efficient equipment; recycle and reuse materials; use equipment in energy and water efficient ways; and control inventory. There are numerous benefits of employing green or sustainable practices in labs including reducing energy and water-related costs, increasing safety through the use of smaller chemical quantities, and enjoying longer-lasting lab equipment through efficient use.