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Campus is buzzing about UT Austin’s recent Bee Campus USA Certification

September 3, 2020

Thanks to a dedicated group of students, the University of Texas at Austin is now certified as an affiliate of the Bee Campus USA program, designed to marshal the strengths of educational campuses for the benefit of pollinators. UT Austin joins many other cities and campuses across the country united in improving their landscapes for pollinators.

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CEC and the Green Fund help combat food insecurity during the COVID-19 crisis

August 24, 2020

The Campus Environmental Center and the Green Fund provided food and financial support for food insecure students during the COVID-19 crisis.

Exterior of home with natural lighting.

Blog: Natural Light as a Tool for Sustainable Building Design

July 27, 2020

This blog post from Meeta Morrison, UT Alumnus of the Masters of Architecture program, is a follow-up to her presentation to the UT New Color Class about color in architecture during Spring 2020. A key feature of the talk was the integration of sustainability in her designs, specifically through the utilization of natural light. Many UT campus buildings built over the past 10 years, including the new Engineering Education and Research Center (EERC), utilize natural light to reduce energy costs. Meeta shares how natural lighting can be used in residential situations as well.

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Commitment to a more environmentally and racially just world

June 19, 2020

As we follow Interim President Jay Hartzell’s call to reflect on the meaning of Juneteenth, we know we must also begin steps toward action. We have always believed social equity goals are as central to sustainability as environmental goals, and we recognize we need to do better in enhancing and prioritizing equity and justice as we continue to pursue environmental objectives.

Culvert on Waller Creek

Managing the Deluge with an Urban Creek

May 15, 2020

Storm water on campus funnels into Waller Creek, and UT has held its own Phase 1 MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System) permit for more than 15 years.

Waller Creek poster from EHS

Waller Creek Keepsake

April 30, 2020

Celebrate Waller Creek with this printable poster from Environmental Health and Safety.

Firefly by Alex Wild

Fireflies: Backyard Biodiversity

April 29, 2020

Austin sits at the far southwestern corner of the range of the Eastern Firefly (Photinus pyralis), a beetle that gives eastern landscapes the characteristic dusk light show in early summer. 

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Good Apply by Daily Texan

In the News: Good Apple Initiative Assists with Food Insecurity

April 23, 2020

Good Apple, a subscription-based food delivery service, has delivered over 114,000 pounds of fresh produce and pantry staples to more than 3,700 people in need according to The Daily Texan

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UT Austin STARS Gold

UT Austin is Ranked Among Top Universities Committed to Sustainability

April 22, 2020

Integrating sustainability throughout the educational and operational activities at The University of Texas at Austin has been a focus for years, and now the Sustainability Tracking Assessment & Rating System (STARS) has given the university its first-ever achievement of a Gold rating.

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Nature Tips During the Pandemic

Tips for Connecting with Nature During Coronavirus

April 21, 2020

Connecting with nature is a great way to relax and focus on something nourishing during the coronavirus pandemic, and Sara Robberson Lentz has put together a few tips.

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