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Office of Sustainability

100 W. Dean Keeton Street, Suite 1.302 (Student Services Building); Mail Code: A6600, Austin, Texas 78712;; (512)-232-7468

Jim Walker, Director of Sustainability

Jim collaborates, tracks and reports on sustainability initiatives throughout campus. This includes facilitation of the President's Sustainability Steering Committee, the campus masterplan, waste reduction, energy conservation, and projects initiated through Green Fee funding. Jim responds to external queries about campus initiatives, and provides information to national sustainability reporting systems like AASHE's STARS.

Brianna Duran, Program Coordinator, Campus Environmental Center

Brianna is the staff advisor for student programming in the Office of Sustainbility. This includes the Green Offices and Green Labs programs as well as the Campus Environmental Center (CEC). The CEC is the oldest and largest student organization for those interested in the environment and sustainability. Student-led teams effect sustainable change through projects such as BATX, Microfarm, Green Events, Green Greeks, and Trash to Treasure. 

Jill Parrish, Program Coordinator, Green Fee

Jill serves as the program coordinator for the Green Fee Committee and helps to advance the approved Green Fee projects each year.

Kristin Phillips, Communications and Events Coordinator

Kristin coordinates communications and events across campus for the Office of Sustainability.

Division of Housing and Food Service

Neil Kaufman, Environmental Specialist

Neil oversees DHFS’s unique Green Corps, a student leadership program covering food production, reclamation, and preparation. Green Corps maintains two large gardens with produce used in campus dining halls. He is also instrumental in tracking trash, recycling and composting for all of DHFS, managing the Eco-To-Go reusable container program, coordinating multiple energy challenges and other resource conservation initiatives.

Environmental Health and Safety

Irezama (Nena) Anderson, Assistant Director, Hazardous Waste

Nena is the primary point of contact for EHS’s sustainability programs, including hazardous waste diversion and disposal and wastewater testing and controls.

Carin Peterson, Animal Make Safe Program

The Animal Make Safe program is responsible for attending to live animal occurrences on campus (planned or unplanned) including exhibitions and special guests. The staff also respond to trapped or injured animals, and ensure that the animal survives and is released in a more appropriate location, or reaches a rehabilitation center if at all possible. EHS consults with Landscaping on removal of bees from campus structures, and also helps monitor and control the feral cat population around campus.

Dennis Nolan, Assistant Director Biological and Lab Safety

Dennis oversees lab inspections and originally initiated the Green Lab Initiative. He continues in an advisory capacity, meeting with Green Labs several times per year to guide outreach and help labs understand the benefits of participation in the program.

Energy & Water Conservation Program

Meagan Jones, Energy Steward, Natural Sciences Labs

As an energy steward, Meagan works with building occupants and campus stakeholders to identify and implement energy and water conservation strategies. She focuses primarily on laboratory buildings to implement programs such as Horns Up, Sash Down and the Ultra-Low Freezer Loaner program in addition to supporting team-wide efforts such as building energy audits, holiday scheduling, Longhorn Lights Out and Power Down Assessments.

Grace Hsieh, Energy Steward, Libraries, Classrooms, Offices, and Unions

Grace works with building occupants in libraries, classrooms, offices and unions on energy and water conservation strategies. Strategies can include building scheduling, summer and holiday scheduling, building audits and energy/water conservation outreach programs.

Matt Stevens, Energy Steward, Classrooms, Offices, and Multi-Purpose Buildings

Matt works with building occupants in academic, office, and multi-purpose buildings. Conservation strategies he implements for his clients include holiday scheduling, conservation workshops and presentations, and hosting events to support the Energy Stewardship program. In addition, he is the liaison between building occupants and the building operators and controllers to ensure that the buildings are performing optimally.

Patrick Mazur, Technical Staff Associate

Pat supports the Energy and Water Conservation Program and staff by providing up to date technical expertise regarding lighting and lighting controls, water consuming equipment and HVAC equipment/systems including motors and building automation system controls. He also reviews new and existing building projects for compliance to UT’s Campus Standards, assists in developing the standards and performs project management on an as-needed basis.

Facilities Services, Support Services

Jim Carse, Assistant Manager, Landscaping

Jim is the University’s urban forester, managing the planting, maintenance and preservation of the trees on the main campus and various other university properties. He reviews and provides input on all construction and capital projects that impact tree protection, design and planting. He works with students, staff and faculty to increase awareness of the benefits of urban trees. Jim also oversees the campus tree care plan as part of the Arbor Day Foundation’s Tree Campus USA designation that the University has held since 2008.

Jennifer Hobson, Zero Waste Coordinator

The Zero Waste Coordinator facilitates and monitors UT-Austin's progress towards 90% diversion from landfill by 2020. She works directly with Facilities Services on single-stream recycling and more broadly with several departments on recycling and reducing special materials. The Coordinator acts as a consultant and collaborator with auxiliary units as well, and oversees and advises students working on zero waste and recycling projects.

Markus Hogue, Program Coordinator, Landscaping

Markus manages the central irrigation system that monitors water use on the University’s landscape. He ensures the irrigation is operating at peak efficiency and incorporating the best management practices for irrigating landscapes in an urban environment. He provides irrigation audits and data analysis to identify and implement sustainable and water conservation methods.

Bobby Moddrell, Manager, Resource Recovery

Bobby leads the newly formed Resource Recovery division within Central Services, which includes Surplus Property, Solid Waste and Recycling. In his role, Bobby supports sustainable efforts like ensuring that trash and recycling services are provided to the university and managing the final disposition of all university property at Surplus Property.

Texas Athletics

Larrimie Gordon

Gordon is the facility manager for the North End Zone and has been active in sustainability initiatives since he joined the Athletics department. He co-supervises the Sustainability Squad and the NEZ’s participation in compost, recycling, and water conservation efforts. The North End Zone was the first area to stage full waste management stations during home football games with compost, single-stream recycling, and trash bins available in the same locations. Since then, composting and recycling services have continued to expand inside and outside the stadium.

Lauren Lichterman, Administrative Associate

Lauren supports the Executive Senior Associate Athletic Director of Facilities, Events and Operations. She also assists with sustainability and customer service initiatives within the Athletics Department, including the department’s Green Team and the Sustainability Squad, the students that lead the stadium recycling programs.

Merrick MyCue, Assistant Athletic Director, Special Events and Stadium Operations

Merrick oversees the North End Zone and Specialty Events Department operations, new project construction, sustainability, and other special projects.

Parking and Transportation Services

Jeremy Hernandez, Bicycle Coordinator

Jeremy coordinates the university’s bicycle program and outreach. He works closely with University departments and the community as a whole to create a safer and friendly biking campus. From maintaining the bicycle registration program, The Kickstand, and developing plans for new and existing bicycle infrastructure, he strives to create a safer and knowledgeable cycling community while building a more viable sustainable mode of transportation for future generations to utilize.

Blanca Juarez, Alternative Transportation Manager

Blanca currently manages all Green on the Go transportation options for The University of Texas at Austin. These programs include the collegiate shuttle bus system, mainline transit program, E-bus, Texas Express, Longhorns Express, Bike UT, carpools, vanpools, pedestrian and Zipcar programs.


Claire Hahn, Wellness Coordinator

Claire manages popular programs such as Farm to Work, which was the first widespread effort to conveniently provide locally grown produce to staff and faculty throughout the year, using a CSA model with pickups at four locations on campus. Wellness also steers faculty and staff toward smoking cessation and better understanding of fitness and nutrition options both on and off campus.

Nosse Oveimhada, Smoke Free Campus Coordinator

UT Austin became a Smoke Free Campus in 2013 for the benefit of students, staff, visitors, and the environment. Nosse promotes Smoke Free programs in the Wellness division, interfaces with the campus population to raise awareness, and coordinates with Landscaping and Resource Recovery to draw a strong connection between smoking, litter, and pollution.