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A student majority Green Fee Committee (GFC) has been established to solicit, review and award funds for environmental service related projects on campus. The green fee is collected with tuition: $5.00 per long semester and $2.50 for the summer session.

Please use this site to learn more about the history of the green fee [pdf], timeline and upcoming deadlines, the GFC structure and by-laws [pdf], how you can participate as a GFC member, and how you can submit a proposal for green fee funding.

Look for information in Summer and Fall 2016 about committee membership and the next grant cycle. In the meantime, please email with any questions about the program.

[Note: PDFs require Adobe® Reader® or compatible software]

Amendments to Current Grants

If you are a current grantee and need to amend your budget, scope, or project timeline, please use this Project Amendment Form [MS Word;.docx] and Budget Sheet [MS Excel; .xlsx]. Instructions for submitting the amendment are on the form.

Green Fee Projects

See file links below for funding information and a project description for the projects from each year to date.

Information page for our UT Solar Charging Stations!

Longhorn Lights Out had some exceptional volunteer turnouts in spring 2015! Check out their website and look for announcements to stay involved and keep saving energy!

Longhorn Lights Out volunteers

in April 2015, the Green Labs Team celebrated the first labs to be certified under the program. Pictured is Josh Lara from the Reichler Lab Group with three members of the team.

Green Labs Team at recognition event

Reports and Past Projects