Solar Charging Stations

The UT Solar Charging Stations are a Green Fee project successfully installed as of June 2014 at the intersection of 23rd St and San Jacinto Blvd, and on the Perry-Castaneda Library Plaza. They are a custom design for the campus by Sol Design Lab.

Solar station on library plaza.

One station was proposed by students Megan Archer, William Austin Jorn, and Eric Swanson and the other was proposed by the student organization SURGe in the College of Natural Sciences. The stations were preceded by a solar design workshop in spring 2013 and were fabricated simultaneously with assistance and oversight from UT's Project Management & Construction Services, Sol Design Lab, and Lighthouse Solar.

Solar Charging Station Features

  • Seats up to 9 people and shaded tables and benches
  • Wheelchair accessible worktable
  • 735 Watt solar array (three 245 Watt solar panels)
  • AC inverter / LED lighting / WiFi
  • 12 110V electrical outlets
  • 6 USB charging ports
  • 300 Ah 24V battery bank
  • Solar data logging system / app (Fall 2014)


card front

     Science Undergraduate Research Group (

SURGe is a student organization in the College of Natural Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin.  They work to foster a cohesive undergraduate research community. To this end, students meet to discuss scientific research, increase awareness of opportunities, promote involvement, enhance camaraderie, and help improve the overall undergraduate research experience at UT-Austin and beyond.

Plants on the solar charging station.

Design, Fabrication, & Installation Collaborators:

Sol Design Lab, Lighthouse Solar, Wells Solar & Electric, UT Office of Sustainability, Intercollegiate Athletics, The Department of Art and Art History (Design Division, Sculpture Studio)



Jill Parrish | Office of Sustainability  | 512- 471-8647