Recognizing Sustainablity

Sustainability is always a multi-pronged effort with many areas of focus and many hands needed to produce change and measurable success.  While many individuals and programs at UT Austin have been separately celebrated over the years, we are creating a collaborative celebration in April 2020 that will become an annual event recognizing the members of the UT community that drive sustainability.

“We all know that much of the progress in sustainability on campus happens over many years and behind the scenes,” says Jim Walker, Director of Sustainability. “Combining these annual recognitions is a great way to build our internal collaboration as well as celebrate these individuals and programs to the broader campus community.”

The new combined approach includes Campus Energy Champs, Zero Waste Champions, and participants in both the Green Offices and Green Labs Programs.  We are also recognizing singular sustainability achievements happening over the last 12 months such as new awards and building certifications. 

“We all recognize the current situation has upended planned activities*, but I’m proud to be part of recognizing this hard work over the last year,” says Darrell Bazzell, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). “Each of these achievements is only possible because of teamwork and a commitment to stewardship and innovation.”

Congratulations and thank you again to everyone who does their part to drive sustainability at UT Austin:


*The planned lunch celebration was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic for the Spring of 2020. The UT Sustainability Roundtable is planning to reschedule this for an appropriate time in the Fall.