Waller Creek Keepsake

Waller Creek poster from EHS

Waller Creek—the once-neglected urban stream that bisects campus—has come into its own in the last few years.  Now, there is a new poster to celebrate this creek developed through Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), the department that is working to improve the health of the creek through collaboration, outreach, monitoring and the use of best management practices.

“I think the poster is amazing! Everyone who sees it loves it,” says Carin Peterson, Training and Outreach Coordinator in EHS. “We decided to focus on the Clark Field Bridge which has great angles and shadows. Even though the bridge is relatively new to the UT landscape, it has become an easily recognizable landmark that symbolizes the section of Waller Creek that runs through our campus.”

The design of the poster is purposefully vintage and were created by Theatre & Dance graduate student Khristián Méndez Aguirre from a cell phone photo taken on a summer morning. By studying WPA-era graphic designs, he realized that the key was to significantly simplify the color plains into just a few that were all related to the source of light. He drew the image by hand on a tablet.

“The WPA-era designs represent what posters can do at their best: inspire a strong emotional response to something that is otherwise less accessible,” says Méndez Aguirre. “It makes me happy whenever I see it on people's offices, and I hope it encourages people to think twice about the beauty we have right here on campus!”

Méndez Aguirre has designed other material for various offices on campus, including wood cuts made to promote Earth Month and sustainable practices, and designs for the Sustainability Symposium.

Please print your own poster. This image is best on tabloid (17x11) paper.

Written by Kristin Phillips, Communications Coordinator