A Virtual Earth Month for Longhorns

Earth Month 2020

The world has changed. First and foremost, our thoughts are with those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope that you, your family, and your friends are safe and well.  If you need information from UT Austin, please check for COVID-19 updates here.

Second, we realize that nearly everyone has had their life upended. Many are working from home, taking classes online for this first time, or are in different circumstances, from location to responsibilities, from what they expected a few months ago. Texas Sustainability would like to provide an avenue for discussion, ideas and connection that touches on this Earth Day, the 50th anniversary. While all in-person events at The University of Texas at Austin have been canceled, we are planning and promoting a number of virtual events.

Please join the sustainability and longhorn community, online. Check back as this list will be updated throughout April with additional events and information.

Tuesday, April 7th

The Potential of Geothermal in Our Clean Energy Future
HOST: University of Texas at Austin
TIME: 12:30PM – 1:45PM
SPEAKER: Timothy Latimer, Co-Founder and CEO of Fervo Energy

Climate Solutions for Texas Webinar
HOST: Bard College and Rice University
PANELISTS: Dr. Katherine Hayhoe, Atmospheric Scientist at Texas Tech | Dr. Jim Krane, Energy Analyst at the Baker Institute | Mr. Ben Hirsch, Relief Worker at West Street Recovery
MODERATOR: Mr. James Sanders, Rice University student

REGISTER HERE to watch the webinar live, or if you would like to be emailed a link to the recording. For more info, contact jms30@rice.edu

Zoom link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/702585018

Wednesday, April 8th

Creating a Sustainable and Engaging Food Waste Recycling Program
HOST: Chandler-Gilbert Community College (AASHE)
SPEAKER: Mickey Marsee, Faculty, English | Miriam Kleinman, Faculty, Biology

Tuesday, April 14th

What Energy Transitions Tell Us About Water Management
HOST: University of Texas at Austin
TIME: 12:30PM – 1:45PM
SPEAKER: Joseph Tainter, Professor of Ecology/Environment & Society, Utah State University

Wednesday, April 15th

Reuse in Action: Repair Fairs
HOST: Carleton College (AASHE)
SPEAKER: Alex Miller, Sustainability Program Coordinator | Emma Leither ’20 | Becca Horwitz ’22

Thursday, April 16th

Tech for Good
HOST: EarthX
Please register to attend this event and to learn about the schedule and speakers.

Friday, April 17th

Bat Appreciation Webinar
HOST: Southwestern University
TIME: 11AM – 12PM
SPEAKERS: Dianna Odegard & Lee Mackenzie, Co-Founders of Austin Bat Refuge

Planet Texas 2050 Special Virtual Conference: Rising to Resilience Challenges
HOST: University of Texas at Austin
TIME: 11:30AM – 12:30PM
SPEAKERS: Adam Rabinowitz, Associate Professor of Classics, UT Austin | Patrick Bixler, Assistant Professor of Practice, LBJ School, and Carmen Llanes Pulido, Executive Director, Go Austin!/Vamos Austin | Suzanne Pierce, Research Scientist, Texas Advanced Computing Center

Documentary Showing 
HOST: Campus Environmental Center (UT Austin)

Saturday, April 18th

Texas Social Innovation Challenge Pitch (UT only)
HOST: Social Innovation Initiative, McCombs School of Business
TSIC is an interdisciplinary pitch competition that connects, showcases, and funds student impact innovators from across UT-Austin. Five finalist teams will pitch for $10,000 in cash prizes provided by Bumble. This includes an Audience Choice award of $800 that will be selected by attendees who listen to all pitches! The top two teams will represent UT-Austin at the Fowler Global Social Innovation Challenge in June. 
Register by Friday April 17

Monday, April 20th

Communicating Climate Change in Texas
HOST: Texas A&M University
TIME: 10:30AM – 11:30AM
SPEAKER: Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon, TAMU Atmospheric Sciences Professor, Texas State Climatologist; Director of Texas Center for Climate Studies
Zoom Link: https://tamu.zoom.us/j/96812291880

Small Things Snowball: The Trex Plastic Challenge
HOST: Texas A&M University
TIME: 2:00PM – 2:45PM
SPEAKER: Kristianna Bowles, Texas A&M Dept. of Residence Life Graduate Assistant Sustainability Coordinator
Zoom Link: https://tamu.zoom.us/j/95022690776

Sustainable Hemp + CBD Webinar
HOST: Southwestern University
SPEAKERS: Shayda & Sydney Torabi, Co-Founders of RESTART CBD

Tuesday, April 21st

The Modern Grid and Demand Response
HOST: University of Texas at Austin
TIME: 12:30PM – 1:45PM
SPEAKER: Suzanne Bertin, Managing Director of the Texas Advanced Energy Business Alliance

What’s the Real Cause of Climate Change?
HOST: Texas A&M University
SPEAKER: Dr. Andrew Dessler, TAMU Atmospheric Sciences Professor
Zoom Link: https://tamu.zoom.us/j/98513671588

Greening at Home
HOST: Rice University
SPEAKERS: Rick Wilson, Political Science Professor | Lisa Lin, | Manager, Transportation Demand Management | Richard Johnson, Director of the Administration Center for Sustainability and Energy Management
Zoom Link: https://riceuniversity.zoom.us/j/513997842
Meeting ID: 513 997 842

Housing Crisis during COVID-19
HOST: Texas A&M University
TIME: 5:30PM – 6PM
SPEAKER: Jessica Bomar, TAMU Sustainability Intern
Zoom Link: https://tamu.zoom.us/j/99753974976

Sustainability During Social Distancing
HOST: Campus Environmental Center (UT Austin)

A Virtual Sustainability on Tap (for UT only)
HOST: UT Austin
Join us for another round of Sustainability on Tap (Virtual Edition!). Hear from grad students as they showcase their sustainability or environmental research, project, or passion in fun, fast-paced, 3 minute talks. From the comfort of your own sofa, feel free to enjoy a snack and beverage during the event! We encourage you to order food and drink from your favorite local vendor, and don't forget about longtime Sustainability on Tap supporter Black Star Co-op! Fill out this RSVP to be sure you receive the virtual event link: http://bit.ly/SoT_RSVP_Sp20

Wednesday, April 22nd

Out of Thin Air: The Path Forward to a Safe, Resilient, Reliable, Renewable Source of Water, Food and Energy for Today 
HOST: Texas Regional Alliance for Campus Sustainability (TRACS)
TIME: 11AM – 12PM
SPEAKERS: Moses West, Atmospheric Water Generating Contracting | Jim Walker, Director of Sustainability at UT Austin

Hope, Agency and Transformation: Lessons from the Coronavirus Pandemic and Tackling Our Planetary Emergency
A talk by John Barry, Queen’s University Belfast
​To sign-up and receive the Zoom webinar URL, please email cmeador@austin.utexas.ed

What the Absence of Humans Has Taught Us
HOST: Texas A&M University
TIME: 2PM – 2:30PM
SPEAKER: Lauryn Perez, TAMU Sustainability Intern
Zoom Link: https://tamu.zoom.us/j/96317603476

Racing Extinction Virtual Screening
HOST: Southwestern University
TIME: 7PM – 8:30 PM

EarthX Film Festival (through April 27)
HOST: EarthX
Please register and check the EarthX website for additional details as they emerge

Thursday, April 23rd

Let’s Start the Climate Take Back
HOST: Texas Regional Alliance for Campus Sustainability (TRACS)
TIME: 11PM – 12PM
SPEAKERS: Joey Shea, Interface | Kelly Wellman, Director of Sustainability at Texas A&M
Please RSVP for this talk so that we can send the link

Staying Sustainable While Staying Inside
HOST: Texas A&M University
TIME: 12PM – 12:30PM
SPEAKER: Ben Kalscheur, Texas A&M Sustainability Assistant Manager
Zoom Link: https://tamu.zoom.us/s/606944016

How Coronavirus and the Economic Gap Affect Each Other
HOST: Texas A&M University
TIME: 2PM – 2:30PM
SPEAKER: Jenny Jiang, TAMU Sustainability Intern
Zoom Link: https://tamu.zoom.us/j/91388210914

Minimalist Watch Party (for UT only)
HOST: UT's Humanities Institute and Fashion Anonymous
TIME: 6:30PM – 8PM
Please register in advance to receive instructions and a link to the film. Please note that a Netflix subscription is required.

Friday, April 24th

Racial Discrimination and the Limits it Places on Society
HOST: Texas A&M University
TIME: 12PM – 12:30PM
SPEAKER: Shreya Veeravelli, TAMU Sustainability Intern
Zoom Link: https://tamu.zoom.us/j/96514135999

Monday, April 27th

Travel and Tourism in the Anthropocene: Global Mobilities, Local Responsibilities?
HOST: Texas A&M University
TIME: 10:30AM – 11:30AM
SPEAKER: Dr. Tazim Jamal, TAMU Recreation, Park & Tourism Sciences Professor
Zoom Link: https://tamu.zoom.us/j/97651647013

Lessons We Can Learn from COVID-19 and Applying Them to the Climate Crisis
HOST: Texas A&M University
TIME: 2PM – 2:30PM
SPEAKER: Lily Tetu, TAMU Sustainability Intern
Zoom Link: https://tamu.zoom.us/j/95106316703

COVID-19 and Domestic Violence: How Shelter-in-Place Orders are Affecting Victims of Abuse
HOST: Texas A&M University
TIME: 4PM – 4:30PM
SPEAKER: Michelle Lee, TAMU Sustainability Intern
Zoom Link: https://tamu.zoom.us/j/94342953424

Tuesday, April 28th

Mental Health in Relation to Coronavirus
HOST: Texas A&M University
TIME: 12PM – 12:30PM
SPEAKER: Molly Murphy, TAMU Sustainability Intern
Zoom Link: https://tamu.zoom.us/j/99558126744

Short Circuiting Policy: Interest Groups and the Battle Over Clean Energy and Climate Policy in the American States
HOST: University of Texas at Austin
TIME: 12:30PM – 1:45PM
SPEAKER: Leah Stokes, Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science and affiliated with the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management and the Environmental Studies Department at the University of California, Santa Barbara

Responses to COVID-19: How Certain Groups are Being Left Behind
HOST: Texas A&M University
TIME: 6PM – 6:30PM
SPEAKER: Faiza Hasan, TAMU Sustainability Intern
Zoom Link: https://tamu.zoom.us/j/92545880704

Wednesday, April 29th

The Most Forgotten Vulnerable Population: Homelessness & Sanitation Access During COVID-19
HOST: Texas A&M University
TIME: 11AM – 11:30AM
SPEAKER: Thomas Jistel, TAMU Sustainability Intern
Zoom Link: https://tamu.zoom.us/j/98521620268

Community Engagement in the Transition to Carbon Neutrality
HOST: Gustavson School of Business (AASHE)
SPEAKER: Carlos Berti, Coordinator, Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation | Simon Pek, Assistant Professor | Rick Cotton, Associate Professor | Mallory DeMille, Web and Social Media Coordinator

Thursday, April 30th

Comparing the Countries: Who’s Preventive Measures are Holding Up Against the Coronavirus?
HOST: Texas A&M University
TIME: 12PM – 12:30PM
SPEAKER: Kendall Sitzmann, TAMU Sustainability Intern
Zoom Link: https://tamu.zoom.us/j/98937316096