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Call for Presentations: Rebooting the Sustainability Symposium

May 7, 2019

Announcing the return of the Sustainability Symposium on October 25, 2019 and also a call for presentations that focus on the UT campus as a living lab.

Where Art and Sustainability Intersect: Studio Major's Cool Summer Plans

May 2, 2019

From the Department of Art and Art History: Instead of soaking up the sun, studio art student and freshman Oluwaseyi Odufuye is getting ready to spend her part of her summer in the Arctic. The 12-day arctic expedition will have Odufuye and fellow students trekking through snow, attending leadership development trainings and a given a chance to network with companies and representatives from around the world. 

Higher Ed Can Help solve Environmental Problems

April 22, 2019

Simply put, the Texas environmental movement is strong on college campuses, but we can do better. How? Read this Op Ed by UT's Director of Sustainability, Jim Walker.

In the News: A Challenge to Clean Up CO2

April 19, 2019

“Every day we produce roughly 380 to 410 million tons of carbon dioxide, and we need to do something about this, because it’s so overwhelming,” Swan said. “My goal through each expedition is to reduce over 360 million tons of carbon dioxide by 2025. No matter where you are in the world, the huge amounts of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is a global issue. We are all responsible for this.”

In the News: Eco-friendly Dog House Competition

April 16, 2019

From The Daily Texan: This year’s Sustainable Dog House Challenge was an un-fur-gettable experience, with dogs from the Austin Animal Center paying a visit. The event, hosted earlier this month by the Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering department, is a competition for students to build eco-friendly dog houses. 

Three Sustainability Students Receive Student Employee Recognition

April 15, 2019

UT Farm Stand's Katie Strain was named Student Empolyee of the Year for 2018-19, followed up by Anthony Rivera (director of the Campus Environmental Center) and Khristián Méndez Aguirre (graphic deisgner for Resource Recovery).


In the News: Sustainable Game Day Events

April 15, 2019

Texas Athletics is recruiting students to volunteer at Texas Baseball and Softball Gameday Sustainability Events over the next three weeks. Director of sustainability Jim Walker said diverting waste from landfills demonstrates the University’s commitment to recycling and composting.

“(Sporting events cause) huge spikes in waste material,” Walker said. “(The) landfill waste stream is the most expensive way we can manage waste, so as much as we can divert into recycling, compost — it saves the University money.”  

In the News: Recycling Fabric with Textiles and Apparel

April 11, 2019

Fabric recycling has arrived at UT Austin, thanks to the work of Dr. Jonathan Chen and a new Green Fund funded project.

Giving Curriculum a Sustainability Boost

March 28, 2019

The Sustainability Course Development Awards have provided grants to faculty since 2012 to increase sustainability in undergraduate education. The Mitchell Foundation provided a scaffold to create this curriculum.

How Students Green Events on Campus

March 15, 2019

The goal is zero waste, and the Green Events team from the Campus Environmental Center has been helping UT Austin student organizations compost and recycle during events large and small since 2012.