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Everything about Fox Squirrels

Sept. 28, 2018

Learn all about the fox squirrel (Sciurus niger), a species that has made quite a comfortable existence for itself on the UT Austin campus.

The American Eel

Aug. 4, 2018

The Biodiversity Center’s Ichthyology Collection is working with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to document and study American Eels in Texas with the primary aim being to understand more about how Texas’ eels may differ from those in other parts of their range and ultimately how the species as a whole can be conserved.

A Vocal Part of Campus: Blue Jays

July 23, 2018

Blue Jays (Cyanocitta cristata) on campus are hard to miss. With their striking colors and shrill calls, in addition to their assertive behavior, they are one of the more attention-getting birds at UT.

How Birds like Tower Girl Keep Cool in the Hot Summers

June 5, 2018

Birds naturally have high body temperatures and their feathers are remarkable insulators. So, dissipating heat is important for a bird’s health.

The Fishes of Waller Creek

May 14, 2018

For the last 25 years, the Hendrickson Lab has been monitoring the fishes of Waller Creek on the UT campus. Their findings: the dominant species have not changed, but at least five native species that were rare in the 70s are now gone. They have also recorded a new invasive, albeit beautiful, species from northern Mexico – the Variable Platyfish (Xiphophorus variatus).

Celebrating Texas Biodiversity Day

April 28, 2018

This story from UT's Biodiversity Center covers their recent event, Texas Biodiversity Day.

How Tower Girl Got Her Own Reality Show

April 23, 2018

UT Austin has a new star, thanks to the new camera trained on the nestbox of peregrine falcon Tower Girl. Learn how faculty and staff worked together to make this a reality, including David Hillis, Carin Peterson and Terry Joy.