The Painter Greenhouse (short doc)

Painter Greenhouse

Photo credit: Emree Weaver

Painter Greenhouse is about a historic building in the core-campus area, and the stories of undergraduates that overcome its maintenance challenges to run their student organizations. A unique partnership between College of Natural Sciences and UT's Office of Sustainability continues to help these students carry out their goals through a university grant called Green Fund (formerly Green Fee). With this new funding structure, made possible through student tuition dollars, undergraduates, specifically  SURGe and UT Aquapoincs, are now using this little-known greenhouse space to promote the education of sustainability concepts in the heart of the 40 acres.

This video was produced and directed by Cameron Belcher, a senior RTF major in the Moody College of Communications who is also receiving a  minor in American Studies. Painter Greenhouse is his first documentary production, and he extends his gratitude to the dozens of people that helped make this project come to life. He plans to continue working in documentary after he graduates this May.