Makeover for the Campus Environmental Center

Campus Environmental Center at University of Texas at Austin

Last week, the Campus Environmental Center (CEC)—the student-led organization that has been a catalyst for sustainable change at UT Austin for 15 years—unveiled its new look. 

At the center of the new logo is the universal, iconic symbol of green practices, a leaf. But Design major and sophomore Jenna Ma had an interesting concept for placing the leaf in a series of concentric yet broken rings.

“The lines in the new logo are reminiscent of fingerprints and topographic maps,” said Ma. “Both of these ideas are appropriate because the CEC is a hands-on organization that works to make a positive impact on the environment.”

Other design elements include four color variations (green, brown, blue and pink) that reflect the diversity of color in nature. 

Ma developed the new logo throughout the Fall 2017 semester while working as the graphic designer for the CEC. She enjoyed the collaborative environment and interesting projects, especially since this position was her first job.

“This project allowed me to take on responsibility and learn the ropes of working,” said Ma. “It was a great learning experience.”

Ma’s design was met with applause from CEC members and leaders at a semester kick-off event.

“This is a new chapter of the CEC’s contribution to environmental leadership at UT, and it’s gratifying to see so much excitement behind this new brand,” said CEC Ambassador James Collins. “We’ve grown our membership almost six-fold, and with this interest we can begin to take action both on campus and in our greater Austin community. Jenna excelled at synthesizing a variety of visual motifs to craft a logo that gives this energy an identity and reminds us of our interconnectedness with the natural environment.”

“We’re all so excited to have a new identity that accurately illustrates our organization’s mission and values. Our goal this semester is to, as a community, recognize our disconnect from the environment and actively work to reengage with nature so that we more genuinely care about and protect it,” said CEC Ambassador Anthony Rivera. “Jenna did a great job at depicting this focus, and we couldn’t have asked for better results!”

You can check out the new CEC logos here.

If you are interested in joining the CEC, please apply or read more about the organization’s 6 student-led projects.