Beautifying Campus with Native Plants

Native plants on campus

The Landscape Services has done it again: given a tired and highly visible part of campus a refresh by adding native plants.

Landscape Services’ Design and Installation Team has been systematically improving UT Austin’s 430 acre campus. The most recent change is to the planters that frame the West Mall Entrance on Guadalupe Street. After removing dwarf crepe myrtles and lantana, the team added a variety of plants propagated by staff in campus greenhouses from either seeds or cuttings collected on campus, including nolina, red yucca, prickly pear and agave. The design was rounded out with two eye-catching Yucca rostrata that were purchased and grown locally east of Austin. 

“We are striving to enhance our campus landscape diversity, and improve sustainability using native and adapted plant materials,” says Lisa Lennon, Campus Landscape Architect.

For more information, check UT Austin’s Landscape Master Plan.

Written by Kristin Phillips, Communications Coordinator in the Office of Sustainability