2013 Symposium

8:45 Welcome and Opening Remarks  
    Welcome Dr. Patricia Clubb
    Opening Remarks Dean Steiner
    Introduction to Presenters Jim Walker
  Health, Social Equity, Community  Dr. Bill Sage
9:00   Meatless Mondays: Exploring the World of Less Meat in On-Campus Dining Hunter Mangrum, Environmental Specialist
9:10   Certifying Social Equity: Sustainable Building Practices and Equitable Worker Treatment Gregorio Casar, Business Liason
Jennifer Scott, Graduate Student
9:20   Developing the Next Generation of Scenario Planning Tools in Central Texas Robert Paterson, Associate Professor
9:30   Food Studies and Food Recovery Network Jennifer Huang, Undergraduate Student
9:40   Sustainable Life Skills Training for Ghanian Women Natasha Sharma, Undergraduate Student
  Medical District Dr. Steven Kraal
10:10   Medical School Overview Steven Kraal
10:20   District Landscaping Anthony Fox
10:30   Dell Medical School:  Initial Thoughts Brian Roeder
10:40   Seton Teaching Hospital David Shackelford
11:05 President's Sustainability Committee Report Dean Steiner or Dr. Clubb
11:15 Comments from Thomas Edgar  
  Transportation/Mobility Bobby Stone
12:20   Sustaining a Three Trillion Dollar Ubiquitous Asset Dr. Amit Bhasin, Assistant Professor
12:30   Revitalizing the Drag Jessica Glennie and Jillian Byron, Undergraduate Students
12:40   Red River Realignment Stephen Harris, Program Manager
12:50   Car Sharing: The University Experience Blanca Juarez, Manager Alternative Transportation Services
1:00   City of Austin Bike Share Program Nadia Barrera, Project Coordinator, Bicycle and Pedestrian Project
  Best of Research and Initiatives Dr. Jay Banner
1:40   BattleLAB: Interdisciplinary Explorations of Sustainable Perservation Catie Carter, Graduate Student
1:50   Economic Dispatch of a Combined Heat and Power Plant Jong Suk Kim, Graduate Student
2:00   College Students and Climate Change Information Ming-Ching Liang, Graduate Student
2:10   Implications of the Rebound Effect for Multi-Energy Efficient Applicance Adopters: A Comparative Analysis of RECS and Pecan Street Data Nour El Imane Bouhou, Graduate Student
Pamela Torres, Graduate Student
2:20   Green Wall Project: Guadalupe Parking Garage Dr. Danelle Briscoe, Assistant Professor
Dr. Mark Simmons, Director, Research & Consulting, Ecosystems Design Group
  Waller Creek Dr. Sarah Dooling
3:00   Cultural Functions and Perceptions of Waller Creek Among the University of Texas at Austin Community Maria Coronado and Weijun Zhang, Graduate Students
3:10   Designing Waller Creek Dr. Allan Shearer, Associate Professor 
3:20   Waller Creek as a Living Laboratory Dr. Eric Hersh, Lecturer & Program Coordinator
3:30   Light at the End of the Tunnel: Sustainable Stewardship for Austin’s Waller Creek Stephanie McDonald, Executive Director