2012 Symposium

8:30 AM Welcome and Opening Remarks  
    Welcome Dr. Patricia Clubb
    Opening Remarks Provost Steven Leslie
    President's Sustainability Committee Report Jim Walker
9:00 AM Curricula and Teaching  
    Ethics and Sustainability: New Initiatives in Ethics Education at UT Austin Jess Miner (Staff)
    Teaching GeoDesign: A Campus-Wide Initiative Ming-Chun Lee (Faculty)
    Sustainability and McCombs MBAs John Doggett (Faculty)
    Teaching Sustainability: Lessons in Time, Space and Complexity Gloria Lee (Faculty)
    A Vision for UT Austin: Integrating Sustainability into Higher Education Michael Webber (Faculty)
    Service Learning for Sustainability Scott Swearingen (Faculty)
    15 Minute Q & A  
  10 Minute Break  
10:30 AM Global Impacts  
    Studio Africa: A UT Austin School of Architecture Design Studio for Developing Sustainable Schools in Africa Michael Garrison (Faculty)
    Environmentally Sustainable Initiatives: Ghana as a Case Study Natasha Sharma (Student)
    Are We Killing the Rain?  Meditations on the Water Cycle* Jane Cohen (Faculty)
    Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on High Mountain Glacial Watersheds in the Andes and Himalayas Rachel Chisolm (Student)
    Sustainable Development in Haiti: Challenges, Lessons, and Hope Justin Baker, Katrin Greisberger, Danny Guerra, Sofia Leon, and Julia O'Rourke (Students)
    15 Minute Q & A  
11:45 AM Lunch   
12:40 PM Operations & Resource Management  
    Leveraging Social Norms Marketing and Socially Responsible Investment Funds to Fuel Energy Conservation at The University of Texas at Austin Liv Isham, Jay Kleberg, Spencer Jones, Caroline Kolb, Lara Cottingham (Students)
    Implementation of a Green Laboratory Program Dennis Nolan (Staff)
    Making Our Urban Forest More Sustainable Jim Carse (Staff)
    20/20 Vision: Energy and Resource Conservation at UT Austin Mike Frisch (Staff)
    The New Wave:  Irrigation Sustainability Markus Hogue (Staff)
    15 Minute Q & A  
  10 Minute Break  
2:00 PM Campus Master Plan  
    An Overview: The Campus Master Plan David Rea (Staff)
    Planning for the Future: Energy and Resource Conservation* Steve Kraal (Staff)
    Transporation and Mobility Across Campus* Bobby Stone (Staff)
    A History of Planning at UT Austin* Larry Speck (Faculty)
    A Key Component: Sustainability in the Campus Master Plan Jim Walker (Staff)
    15 Minute Q & A  
  10 Minute Break  
3:30 PM Initiatives and Research  
    The Green Fee: Promoting and Facilitating Campus Sustainability Research and Development Through Projects Led by Students, Faculty, and Staff Sam Hermitte and Collin Poirot (Students)
    Responses of Gambusia affinis to Changes in Hydrologic Regimes in Waller Creek, Texas Ben Bonney (Student)
    Going Solar: Consumer Investment Behavior for Residential Photovoltaic Installations Ben Sigrin (Student)
    Sustainable Employees:  A Wellness and Green Partnership Adrienne Howarth-Moore (Staff)
    The Opportunity to Cycle: The UT Safe Cycling Campaign Kate Bedford (Student)
    15 Minute Q & A  
4:35 PM   Wrap Up Discussion  
5:00 PM   Adjourn